Gogo Jabangwe: An Unsung Hero Saving Orphans

Mother Theresa remains notable for her dedication in caring for abandoned babies and caring for the poorest, yet we have an unlikely hero who has the same qualities, doing the same work and unknown within our community. Her story begins in the backdrop of gender discrimination, loss and admirable recovery. She is the inspiring Gogo Jabangwe, who runs a Children’s Home, looking after young kids, giving them not only a home, but a family. Thus far, she has a total of seventeen children under her wing. Her kindness and love for all the kids in her care, inspired us to do our part in giving back to the community by making donations towards her Home.

Ever since we learnt her story, we committed ourselves to help towards their welfare with several donations yearly. On December 18, the iHelp Technology team made its way to Gogo Jabangwe’s place accompanied by volunteering clients to commemorate the holiday season. It was a day well spent, learning Gogo’s story, how she kept moving forward taking care of orphaned children regardless of losing her husband. All of us were touched by her narration of her life story, illustrating how she manages the day-to-day, including the challenges she faces.

We were particularly moved by the way she’s raising the kids to be responsible individuals by allocating them duties which they have to manage and be in charge of such as, home gardening projects, house chores; in building their character and teaching them discipline. It was striking to learn that they are fully capable of maintaining their property and the house, effortlessly working together. The team had an invaluable opportunity of getting to know the kids by playing football with them and being shown around the property. It was our greatest honour to deliver Christmas gifts, groceries and other donations courtesy of iHelp Technology, our partners and valued clients, who answered the call to participate in this donation. We were humbled by everyone’s contribution towards this initiative and eternally grateful for their help..

Managing Director of iHelp Foundation, Natally Saopa stated that “spending the day with the kids is a reminder that we ought to take care of our community and we were greatly inspired by the selfless nature of Gogo Jabangwe, who in her old age, is still working so hard, putting these kids first and taking care of their well being. We have a long way to go, in making a difference and transforming the lives of our future generation. As iHelp Technology we are making it our mandate to increment our donation efforts and initiate more charity drives.”

In appreciating the dedication of Gogo Jabangwe, it is imperative to point out some of the major challenges constantly faced in looking after the kids. Gogo Jabangwe’s place is dire need of renovation, with the kitchen in a terrible state in need of immediate remodelling. This is an appeal to our partners and everyone who can help us in assisting the restoration of the house kitchen. We believe that even the smallest contributions go a long way, and everything that comes through will essentially help in the renovation works. Please feel free to contact us at iHelp Foundation or directly, to lend a hand. Thank you so much for supporting iHelp Foundation and all the causes we support.